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As a checklist is created, started and finished, it passes through a few simple stages:

The Details


When you create a checklist, it always starts out as a Draft. A Draft is not running, and none of the participants is notified that it exists. You can update the Draft checklist as many times as you like, making whatever changes you wish to make. Draft checklists appear only in TeamworkIQ's Drafts screen.


In Progress

When you start a Draft checklist, the checklist status changes to In Progress. The checklist is now running. Participants are notified when the checklist starts. While the checklist is In Progress, task assignees can access it and complete tasks. In Progress checklists appear in TeamworkIQ's In Progress screen.


Being Edited

TeamworkIQ allows you to edit your checklists even after they have been started. When you edit an In Progress, Completed or Stopped checklist, the checklist is Being Edited. While you are editing the checklist, you may change its content as well as complete or reopen tasks. 

While the checklist is Being Edited, assignees cannot complete or reopen tasks, nor can they see the changes you are making. When you finish making changes, Resume the checklist so that it can be viewed and used by the participants. If you type in a note when you Resume, TeamworkIQ will share the note with the participants, allowing you to explain your changes if desired.


Done, Completed or Stopped

When the checklist's tasks are completed, the checklist is in the Completed state. If, instead, the checklist is Stopped before the tasks are completed, then the checklist is in the Stopped state. Your completed and Stopped checklists appear in TeamworkIQ's Done screen. 



30 days after a checklist is completed or stopped, the checklist becomes archived. Once archived, you can view a checklist and make fresh copies of it, but the archived checklist can no longer be edited. This gives you an audit trail for completed work.


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