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As a process is created, started and finished, it passes through a few simple stages:

The Details



In a few cases, a user needs to create a process as a "draft" so that she may edit the process before starting it. 

When you create a new process as a draft, the process is not running yet. None of the participants are notified that it exists. You may update the Draft process as many times as you like, making whatever changes you wish to make. Draft processes appear only in TeamworkIQ's Drafts screen.

A Draft process becomes an In Progress process when it is started.


In Progress

In most cases, a process is launched from a process template. When this happens, the process starts immediately. 

After a process starts, it is In Progress, which means that the process is running. Task assignees can access the process to view it and perform tasks. The process may send notifications to participants.

If you are an owner of an In Progress process, the process appears in TeamworkIQ's In Progress screen.


Paused (Editing)

If you are an owner of a process, TeamworkIQ allows you to pause a running process. A paused process may also be updated.

When you edit an In Progress, Completed or Stopped process, the status of the process changes to Paused. You may change its content as well as complete or reopen tasks. Your changes are made to a new revision of the process, and you can discard them if you are not satisfied.

While a process is Paused, all execution is paused. Assignees cannot complete or reopen tasks, nor can they see the changes you are making. When you finish making changes, Resume the process so that it can once again be viewed and used by the participants. When you Resume, you may optionally enter a note; TeamworkIQ will share the note with the participants, allowing you to explain your changes to them or simply notify them that the process is resuming.


Done: Completed or Stopped

When a process ends, it is called Done. A process that is Done has a result that indicates how it ended.

  • If the process ran to completion, the result is Completed.

  • If the process was stopped prematurely, the result is Stopped.

Your completed and stopped processes appear in TeamworkIQ's Done screen. 

An owner of a Done process may edit the process and "reopen" it.

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