The 10-Second Answer

The only people who have access to a checklist are:

  • the people who are assigned tasks in the checklist and
  • the owners of the checklist.

The Step-by-Step Answer

The Roles panel shows the list of Participants (task assignees) and Checklist Owners. 

To open the Roles panel...

  • On wider screens, click the DETAILS or MANAGE next to Roles
  • On narrower screens, click the Roles icon which looks like 2 people.
  • The Roles panel will then appear

Checklist Owners

It's the responsibility of the Checklist Owners to manage the checklist. Thus, only Managers can be Checklist Owners. 

Checklist Owners can...

  • Add and remove other Checklist Owners
  • Edit, pause, update, resume and stop the checklist
  • Reopen or complete tasks (while editing the checklist)
  • Can assign and reassign tasks to others
  • Be assigned tasks for which no other task assignee is set.
  • Receive notifications when issues arise (and can address those issues with their ability to edit and update the checklist)
  • Contact anyone involved in the checklist


The list of Participants includes every person who has at least one task assigned to them. Tasks may only be completed by the person to whom they are assigned (or by a Checklist Owner who is editing the checklist).

Participants are all task assignees. Participants can...

  • Complete tasks which have been assigned to them
  • Reopen tasks they have recently completed
  • Contact anyone involved in the checklist
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