Use TeamworkIQ to coordinate all kinds of processes. It's quick and easy to create reusable process templates for all kinds fo needs. For example:

  • Step-by-step processes (e.g. onboard new a client or employee)

  • Approval workflows (e.g. review and approve a marketing campaign)

  • Collaborative checklists (e.g. organize special projects into phases to track progress)

Tip: You can also quickly create one-time use checklists and processes using the same techniques used to create your reusable process templates.

Overview - A Complete Tour

Short Videos - 1 For Each Topic

Outline the Tasks and Subtasks

This video shows you how to create a reusable template for a checklist that includes tasks and subtasks.

Turn Parts of Your Process into Step-by-Step Workflows

The following video shows you how to turn your list of tasks into a step-by-step workflow.

Assign Tasks to People or Roles

This video shows you how to assign tasks to job roles such as "Vice President" or "Researcher", or to individual team members. 

Add Forms

Some tasks require assignees to provide various kinds of information (dates, SKUs, cities, quantities, explanations, etc.) This video shows how you can add forms to tasks in seconds.

Gather Information Needed to Start a Process with Launch Forms

Launch Forms let you gather the information necessary to start a new process. For example a customers name and contact info, or key dates. The information from the Launch Form can help set text, relative due dates and other conditions elsewhere in the process.

Add Due Dates and Relative Due Dates

This video shows you how to schedule due dates for tasks. You can specify the date and time explicitly or use an expression like "7 days after {employee-hire-date}".

Add Task Details, Videos

If desired, add details about the tasks, which can include rich text, links and videos. 

Add Conditional Logic and Skippable Tasks

If desired, add skippable steps. 

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