When do you need to do this?

Assign tasks to a work role (e.g. @Regional Manager, @IT Department or @TBD) ... 

  • when you want to reuse a checklist as a template, or 
  • when you don't know who will do the work but need to move start the process anyway.

How to do it

To create a work role and assign a task to it, type @. Then type the name of the role instead of picking a user from the list. For example:

The work role will now appear in the list alongside the users, so that you can assign other tasks in the checklist to the same role. 

Creating a @TBD role

If you don't know who will do a set of tasks, you can create a work role named @TBD – or @TBD1, @TBD2, etc – and assign those tasks to the TBD role/s.

Assigning a role to a team member

Initially, the role will be marked with the text, (who?) because you have not assigned it to a real person. To assign a user to the work role, click on the name of the role and click "Assign" in the menu that appears. When you have assigned the role to a team member, the (who?) will be replaced with the name of that team member.

Reassigning a role

You can change the assignment of a work role by clicking on the role name and selecting "Reassign" in the menu. 

Renaming a role

You can rename a role by clicking on the role nam and selecting "Rename" from the menu.

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