The "Collaborative Task List" is one of the standard process templates that appears in the New... menu. It gives you a head start for how to organize your process workflow as a collaborative checklist. The use of round bullets for each task and subtask means the work can be done in any order. If you need step-by-step processes, simply change the list type to numbered "Step-by-Step".

You can do several things here.

  • Assign the existing groups to users:
    Clicking on "Person 1". Click on "Assign". 

  • Fill in the text for the tasks:
    Click to the right of the bullets and simply type in the task information.

  • Add more tasks:
    Go to the end of a task. Press <ENTER>, as though you were adding another item to a bullet list in an email message.

  • Add more members to the task list:
    Go to the end of the last task. Press <ENTER> to create a new task.
    Then press <SHIFT><TAB> or the "outdent" button "to outdent" the task.
    Then type "Tasks for @Bruno" (replace Bruno with your 3td team member's name). Then add subtasks by pressing <ENTER> and <SHIFT>.

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