The "Collaborative Task List" starts out like this:

You can do several things here.

  • Assign the existing groups to users:
    Clicking on "Person 1". Click on "Assign". 
  • Fill in the text for the tasks:
    Click to the right of the bullets and simply type in the task information.
  • Add more tasks:
    Go to the end of a task. Press <ENTER>, as though you were adding another item to a bullet list in an email message.
  • Add more members to the task list:
    Go to the end of the last task. Press <ENTER> to create a new task.
    Then press <SHIFT><TAB> or the "outdent" button "to outdent" the task.
    Then type "Tasks for @Bruno" (replace Bruno with your 3td team member's name). Then add subtasks by pressing <ENTER> and <SHIFT>.

As a result of all of these steps, you may have something like the following:

Adding more members, in detail

Let's walk through "Add more members to the task list" in more detail.

Here is our starting point, after we have entered task information, but before we have added a third person.


  • Click or tap the screen at the very end of "Here is another one".
  • Press <ENTER>. Now it should look like this:

with an empty task at the end.
Now, with the empty last task still selected, press <SHIFT><ENTER> to produce this:

Now fill in the empty task:

and finally:

And that is how you add another user to the Collaborative Task List.

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