Want to use a process or checklist you created again and again? Saving your process as a template is the answer. Here's how...

Templates is a feature available to members of your team with Manager level privileges. Templates are the ideal way to define your standard procedures, recurring processes and repeatable workflows.

To save a checklist as a template...

  1. Go to the process you want to use again and again
  2. If the process editor is not already open, click EDIT.
  3. Click the ... menu
  4. Select "Save as new template"

That's it. Your template is now a part of the Template Library for your account.

However, there's a few more steps before other people can use it.

  • When you create a new template it's not yet published and available for others to use. New templates are created as an "Unpublished Revision".
  • You may also want to turn any tasks assigned to specific people into tasks assigned to roles" (e.g. @Supervisor) so that when a new checklist is created from the template, the roles can be assigned to specific people at that time.
  • The title of your new template will be used again and again. Think of a good one then update the title.
  • After you save your changes, you can publish the template by pressing PUBLISH.

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