Tasks, task lists or entire sections of a process can be assigned in two ways:

  1. Assign work directly to a Team Member

  2. Assign work to a Role, then assign that Role to various people when needed

Roles are for work responsibility concepts like job titles, team or department names like "Supervisor", "HR Manager", or "Facilities".

It is generally best to use Roles when creating a reusable master Process Template. Why? Roles provide greater flexibility for assigning and reassigning work when needed, before and during a workflow process.

Of course you can always assign or reassign a task to an individual team member if needed. Assigning work to a specific person is great for any ad-hoc checklists or tasks you need to create.

What can you do with Roles?

Here are 3 examples of how to put Roles to work for you.

  • Unassigned Roles
    Create a Role for "Store Manager", but leave it unassigned in the master Process Template. That way, when a new process is started from the template, different people can be assigned to the "Store Manager" role.

  • Preassigned Roles
    Create a Role for "CFO" and preassign that role to a person in the master Process Template. Since the CFO is likely always the same person, preassigning the Role to a person makes sense.

  • Roles preassigned to Multiple People
    Create a Role for "IT Team" and preassign multiple people to that Role. When the process starts, each person in that role will see the process and its actionable tasks -- until one of the Role assignees "accepts" the Role and takes on responsibility for the tasks assigned to that Role for that one process. Other Role assignees can still see the processes, but do not get notified about its actionable tasks since someone else has taken responsibility for that role in that process.

How To Assign Work to People or Roles

There are two ways to assign a task to a person or a role.

  • Select a person or role from the assignee pick list

  • "@Mention" a person or a role

How To Assign Work from the Assignee Picklist

  1. Click on the task or workflow step you want to assign to a person or a role, then click in the "Assignments column" for that task on the far right of the task row.

  2. Select a team member, an existing role, or select New Role.

  3. Assign 0, 1 or many people to the Role if needed.

How to @Mention a Person to Assign Work

When typing up a task press @, type the name of the person, then select them from the list.

How to @Mention a Role to Assign Work

Assigning tasks to roles is useful when you want to create reusable checklists and templates. When you assign a task to a role, you can either immediately assign the role to a person, or, let the Checklist Owner assign the role to a person later.

When typing up a task press @, type the name of the role, then select the role from the list.

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