TeamworkIQ makes it easy to track and manage recurring processes, workflows and procedures. TeamworkIQ's templates make it even easier. 

Here's how to start a new process, checklist or workflow from a template.

1. Find or create the template you want to use.

From the Main Menu, click "Templates". Here you will find all the templates for your account. Use the lists or the search box at the top of the screen to find existing templates. If you cannot find the right template for your needs, create and publish a new one.

2. Start a new process from a template.

Click on any published template to preview it. Once you are viewing the template, click START PROCESS.

3. Start the New Process

As soon as you click START PROCESS, TeamworkIQ checks to see if the process has a Launch Form or not. 

If there is a Launch Form, then the person starting the process will need to complete the Launch Form first. As soon as the Launch Form gets submitted, the process starts.

If there is no Launch Form is required, then the process immediately starts.

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