Use Relative Due Dates to Dynamically Set Due Dates

Imagine you want certain sections of your checklist driven process due several hours or a few days before a key event. Or, perhaps due weeks or months after a key event. Use Relative Due Dates to do that. Here's how...

To create a Relative Due Date, type a phrase similar in concept to any of these examples: 

  • 3 days before {hire date}
  • 6 hours before {event time}
  • 1 week after {event time}
  • 3 months after {hire date}

Here's the pattern:

  1. Type a number using digits (e.g. "5" or "15", not "five" or "fifteen") 
  2. Then a unit of time (e.g. minutes, days, hours, weeks, months, years) 
  3. Then either "before" or "after"
  4. Then type a { to select a date variable or start creating a new one

If the Date Variables does not already exist, TeamworkIQ will create it. If you want to use an existing Date Variable, pick it form the list in the menu that appears.

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