Use Relative Due Dates to Dynamically Set Due Dates

Imagine you want certain sections of your checklist driven process due several hours or a few days before a key event. Or, perhaps due weeks or months after a key event. Use Relative Due Dates to do that. Here's how...

You can also create Relative Due Dates by typing a phrase similar in concept to any of these examples: 

  • 3 days before {hire date}

  • 6 hours before {event time}

  • 1 week after {event time}

  • 3 months after {hire date}

Here's the pattern:

  1. Type a number using digits (e.g. "5" or "15", not "five" or "fifteen") 

  2. Then a unit of time (e.g. minutes, days, hours, weeks, months, years) 

  3. Then either "before" or "after"

  4. Then type a { to select a date variable or start creating a new one

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