Use Date Variables as Placeholders for Due Date Values

Like Text Variables, Date Variables are used as placeholders for values that can be set when a new checklist is made from a Template. Date Variables however are for dates.

In the example below {hire date} is a date variable. Everything the @Manager needs to do is due by the {hire date}, the first day of work for the new employee.

You create Date Variables the same way as you would for Text Variables...

  • Type {, the name of the variable, and a closing }. 
  • However, if you include the word "date", "day", or "time" in the name of your variable, then TeamworkIQ will know it's a Date Variable
  • You can also pick "value will be a date" from the menu to create a Date Variable if needed.

Once a variable is created, it will also appear in the Checklist Variables list. Click the "gear" icon in the top right of the Template and you'll see all the Template Info including the Checklist Variables list.

Tip:  When creating the Template, leave the values for your variables blank to that anyone who makes a new checklist from the template will be prompted to enter the values they want to use. If you want to set a default value you can--but beware that people using the template might not know they can change the value from its default. (They can).

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