Whether you are creating a process, workflow, or standard procedure, TeamworkIQ's processes are designed to serve two primary needs of the people who will use those processes and workflows: People who are familiar with the details of the process, and people who are not yet familiar with its details.

People who are already familiar with the process want to be able to quickly move through the process, checking off tasks as they go to track and share their progress. However, they also want convenient ways to be able to click a link to go to an external app, send the right email message, or perform other activities efficiently and accurately.

However, anyone who is new to the process needs more details and instructions about the process steps as they learn the details about what's required and best practices for each step.

TeamworkIQ's Task Instructions and Details meets both of these needs. 

Use Task Instructions and Details to:

  • Add detailed, formatted instructions for a task

  • Embed images or videos

  • Provide convenient links to online applications used to complete the task

  • Link to other reference documents

Next Steps

See how to add Task Instructions and Details.

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