Task Notes is a feature of TeamworkIQ's Team Essentials and Business Pro plans. People may add and update a note for the tasks to which they have been assigned.

TeamworkIQ Message Streams is more powerful than Task Notes and is a feature of TeamworkIQ's Business Plus plan. Message Streams provides real-time integrated chat, comments, notes, file sharing, @mention and message flagging features. Messages with @mention or flags become "Actionable Messages" that behave similar to "Actionable Tasks" to make sure important things get seen and things get done.

If you are on a Business Plus plan, you will see and use the Message Streams feature, not the Task Notes feature. If you upgraded to Business Plus, your Task Notes will still be visible in any processes that preceded the release of Message Streams.

What are Task Notes?

Task assignees can use Task Notes to share information with the team as they complete their tasks. While a task is in progress, its Notes remain in draft form and are only visible to the task's assignees. As soon as the task is completed, the finalized Notes become visible to all of the participants in the process.

For example, in an onboarding process, a Hiring Manager may want to add a note which specifies special ergonomic accommodations that should be installed in the new employee's office. This allows the manager to supply detailed information that may be used by the Assignees of in subsequent tasks or referred to as part of an audit. The manager could have distributed the information by email, but Task Notes make the information readily available in the context of the process.


How To Add Task Notes

If you are the assignee of the task and you are working on the task, you can add Task Notes. To do so:

  1. Click on the task.

  2. As shown below, click the "..." icon to the left of the task to open the task action menu. Select "Add notes".

  3. Start typing your note in the Task Notes editor.

While the task is in progress, its Notes are only visible to its assignees. As soon as a task is checked off as completed, its Notes become visible to all of the process participants. 

Once a task is completed, its Notes become read-only. If you want to edit the Notes after the task is completed, you can do so by unchecking the task, updating the Notes and completing the task. 


How to Delete Task Notes

If you are the assignee of the task, then you can delete Task Notes. To do so:

  1. Click on the task.

  2. On larger screens: Click into right-hand task detail panel.
    On smaller screens: Click the "add notes" link which appears below the selected task.

  3. Click into the text area of the yellow Note.

  4. Delete the text that you find there. 

As soon as there is no more text in the note, the "notes" link for the task will disappear.


More about Task Notes

Task Notes allow assignees to enter information while working on the task. While the task is in progress, its Notes are in draft form; only the assignees can see them. This allows the assignees to verify that the information is correct before they share it.

When the task is completed, its Notes become visible to all participants in the process. 

The Notes of a completed task are read-only. This ensures that the Notes that the other participants see have not been edited, deleted or tampered since the completion of the task. The only way to update the Notes after a task has been completed is to reopen the task, edit its Notes and mark it a completed again.

Task Notes can only be viewed by process participants. They do not trigger email notifications and are not included in the content of any other email notifications. Thus, there is no risk that they will accidentally be forwarded to the wrong person.

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