Many tasks, workflows, and processes require participants to enter and share data. With TeamworkIQ, you can quickly create data-entry forms for tasks. These forms allow assignees to attach files, enter text, dates, numbers and other kinds of information. Once submitted, other process participants can view the files or data in the form.

Watch this 2 minute video to see how to add forms to tasks in your workflows.

And, watch this 2 minute video about how to start new processes automatically from a Launch Form.

Who can submit information via a form?

Each form is part of a task. Only the task's assignees may enter information into the form.

Who can see the data entered into a form?

When a task is completed, the information entered into any form for that task becomes visible to all process participants. However, before that task is completed, only the task assignee can enter and see information in the form.

How do I add a form to a task?

In the Author Tool, select a task. Then, click the ... menu to the right of the task and select "Add, Edit Form"

The Form Editor will then appear under the FORM area in the Task Panel.

How do I add fields to a form?

In the Authoring Tool, select a task. Then click on the task's FORM link. The Form Editor will appear in the Task Panel.

At the top of the Form Editor is a toolbar that allows you to add various types of fields. To add fields, click the appropriate icons or drag and drop within the form.

How do I change a form field's label and settings?

In the Form Editor, move your mouse to the form field. Click the pencil icon to reveal the Field Settings panel. The Field Settings panel will look something like this:


How do I remove a form field?

In the Form Editor, move your mouse to the form field that you want to remove, then click the X icon to remove the field.

How do I rearrange the fields in a form?

In the Form Editor, drag the label of the form field to the new desired location.

How do I add an Email Address form field?

In the Form Editor, add a text field, then change its settings so that the type is "email"

How do I add a File Attachment or File Upload form field?

In the Form Editor, click or drag and drop the "paper clip" icon into the body of the form to add a field to which files can be attached and uploaded.

What are the limits on File Attachments or File Uploads?

  • The maximum file size for a single file attachment is 5 MB.

  • The maximum number of files for a single File Attachment field is 50.

  • Up to 5 GB of storage is available for each paid account. 1 GB is available during any trial or free use periods.  TeamworkIQ's File Storage Policy provides more details and outlines how to request increased storage limits.

  • The for security and performance reasons, in most cases the following types of files can be attached and uploaded:

    - Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDF files
    - Images, pictures, and photographs
    - Drawings, illustrations, Photoshop and similar files
    - Audio files
    - .ZIP compressed archives of any type of file

Video files must be compress into a .ZIP archive first. If your video file sizes are too big, advise team members to store the file online elsewhere, then enter the link to the file into the form.

If you want to upload a type of file that's not already supported, either compress that file into a .ZIP archive before uploading it, or use the chat icon in the lower right corner of this page to ask us to add support for the type of file you need.

TeamworkIQ reserves the right to scan, modify, disable, or remove any file detected to have viruses, malware, or any potentially malicious software. See TeamworkIQ's File Storage Policy for more information.

How do I remove a form?

Open the form in the Editor, then click the REMOVE FORM button located just below the the form.

What types of fields can be added?

  • File attachment. Attach one or more files.

  • Text field. Enter a single-line of text.

  • Email field. Set the Text field to be Type: Email to make sure the text is an email address.

  • Textarea. Enter multiple lines or paragraphs of text 

  • Number field. Enter a number. Set increments to decimal values for Currency

  • Date. Enter date and date-time information

  • Selection menu. Choose a value from a list of values.

  • Multi-select menu. Set "Allow multiple" in Selection menu to allow assignee to choose multiple values from a list of values.

  • Auto-complete. Similar to Selection menu but better for filtering long lists of choices.

  • Radio group. Select a value from a group of values.

  • Checkbox. Select one or more values from a group of values.

  • Header. Displays a large-font header.

  • Paragraph. Displays a text paragraph.

If you are interested in additional field types, please tell us by clicking the chat icon in the lower right of this page, or clicking the Request additional types of form fields link at the bottom of the Form Editor in TeamworkIQ.

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