TeamworkIQ makes it easy to create a single task, assign it to a person, and set a due date.

How To Quickly Add a Single Task

While businesses and teams run best when following repeatable workflows, not everything that needs to get done is part of a standardized process. In such cases, TeamworkIQ's Quick Add Task feature lets you instantly create and assign a single task.

How It Works

  1. In the Main Menu, click New

  2. Then click Quick Add a Task.

  3. Enter the text for the task.

  4. Optionally:

    Assign the task to someone
    - If left blank, the task will be assigned to you.

    Set a due date.
    - If no due date is selected, the task will be created without a due date.

  5. Click Quick Add or choose Add More Details
    Quick Add
    Quick Add instantly creates the task and lets you get on with the work in front of you.
    - You can find tasks assigned to you under My Assignments, and work assigned to others under In Progress.
    - If you need to add subtasks, images, details, forms, links or other content to the task, open the just created task and click Edit. Then make changes and click Resume.

    Add More Details
    Choose, Add More Details when you want to add more content to the task before it becomes active. For example:

    - Add subtasks
    - Add a form for the assignee to complete
    - Add detailed instructions, images, videos, and links
    - Make the task, or some of its subtasks, optional

    When you are done adding more details, remember to click Start to make the tasks active.

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