Sometimes you just need a paper or PDF copy of your process or checklist. Perhaps a printout or PDF is needed for audit or archival purposes. TeamworkIQ makes it easy to print your process information to paper or to save it as a PDF.

How to print a process template or process checklist

Step 1

Open the template or process you want to print.

Step 2

Open the ... menu and click Print:

Step 3

(Optional) Click Settings and choose the information that the printout should include.

Step 4

Click Print

Step 5

The Print Dialog for your computer or device will appear. 

To send the document to your printer, click Print.

to generate a PDF document from the print preview (If this feature is available on your device), choose the PDF option.

For example, Google Chrome for MacOS allows you to "Open PDF in Preview"; this will open your process as a PDF document.

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