When you attach files, security and performance constraints require TeamworkIQ to restrict the types and sizes of uploaded files.

Here is what to do if:

  • Your file has an unsupported type

  • Your file is larger than 5 MB

  • You want to attach more than 50 files to a task


Unsupported file type

If you want to attach an unsupported file type, you have several options.


File size is too large

TeamworkIQ limits the size of each attachment file to 5 MB. If you want to attach a file that is larger than this limit, you have several options:

  • Compress your file (or files) into a Zip archive (see How to compress files, below). This MAY reduce the size of your file. Attach the zip archive. OR

  • If your archiving tool (7-zip is one example) allows you to split a large archive into parts, then compress and split your file and split it into parts. Drag all of the parts into the TeamworkIQ File Attachment field.

If you have specialized requirements such as the need to attach many extremely large files, please contact us


Too many files

Each TeamworkIQ File Upload field allows the task assignee to attach up to 50 files. If a process requires the attachment of a greater number of files, then you have several options.

  • If you are a Process Owner or Process Template Owner who needs to allow task assignees to upload a large number of files, the Label or Help Text for your file field could ask task assignees to "Upload a zip archive containing your files". OR

  • Simply add multiple File Attachment fields to the form. Only the first File Attachment field should be REQUIRED. The others should be OPTIONAL.

  • If you are an assignee who needs to attach a folder containing 216 files, then compress your files into a Zip archive (see How to compress files, below). Attach the zip archive.

In many cases you can compress multiple files into a compressed Zip archive which is smaller than TeamworkIQ's max size for a single file: 5 MB. See below for how to create a .zip archive.


How to compress files into a Zip archive


Task is not In Progress

If a task is not In Progress, then file attachments cannot be uploaded for that task. This may happen if a task is already completed or skipped, or if the task is disabled, or if the task has not yet been started.

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