The storage limit for each TeamworkIQ Account is 5 GB, regardless of your paid subscription plan. During any free period of free use or trial, the storage limit is 1 GB. That amount of storage is good for many teams. However, sometimes you just need more.

What will happen if I exceed my storage limit?

If your use exceeds the storage limit, we will contact the Owner and Administrators of the account. Your ability to upload more files will not be immediately suspended and we will not remove any data. Instead we will follow these steps:

  1. We will notify the Owner and Administrators of the Account in writing by email and ask that either: (a) the quantity of files stored is reduced or (b) we enter into a separate file storage subscription agreement priced in good faith to the current market rate plus an administrative fee. Storage capacity for such an agreement will be calibrated to match your forecasted annual storage requirements. Storage limits for any free use will not be increased.

  2. You will review the agreement and either accept or decline.

  3. If we cannot reach an agreement after negotiating in good faith and in the spirit of fair market pricing as described above, then the ability to upload more files may be temporarily disabled until we are able to reach such an agreement.

Can I track my storage usage?

It is not currently possible for you to track your own storage usage.

What happens if an uploaded file is deemed unsafe?

Before uploading any file make sure it is free of malware, trojan horses, worms, or other other sort of malicious software. Your use of anti-virus software is the first line of defense for everyone.

For any file you upload, TeamworkIQ reserves the right to:

  • Automatically scan files to detect potential malicious software

  • Remove any malicious software from any file if possible

  • Remove or disable access to any file that may pose a malicious software risk.

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