TeamworkIQ Integration Center shows you how to connect your TeamworkIQ workflows, tasks and processes to 1000's of other apps through a variety of means.

How do I get access to the TeamworkIQ Integration Center?

Any Account Admin for your TeamworkIQ Account may contact to request access to the TeamworkIQ Integration Center for their account. When requesting access include a link to your TeamworkIQ Account so that Fairway Support can identify exactly which account should be enabled.

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Eliminate duplicative data entry, streamline operations, and save even more time and money by integrating your TeamworkIQ processes, workflows, and checklists with other apps. 

  • Automatically start new processes

  • Trigger custom events and notifications 

  • Exchange data with 1000's other apps

How to Get Started

TeamworkIQ's integration features are included in the Business Pro and Enterprise plans. If you have the Team Essentials plan, upgrade your plan to activate these integration features.

1.  Set up an App Integration to get an API Key

Get an API Key
Use TeamworkIQ's Integration Center to create a new App Integration then generate a new API Key for it. Use the API Key to authorize other software and apps to securely exchange data and events with your TeamworkIQ account.
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2.  Use the Integration Method That Best Fits Your Needs


Zapier is well suited for non-developers and developers alike. Zapier enables over 1,500 online software services (including TeamworkIQ) to communicate with each other. Simply set up a triggering event, then map the data from one system into the data required to start an action in the other system.
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Open API

TeamworkIQ provides a friendly REST/JSON API that developers can use to integrate TeamworkIQ with anything that also has an API (Application Programming Interface).
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Use WebHooks when you want an event in TeamworkIQ to trigger an event in and pass data to another system. WebHooks are one of the most popular and easiest ways to push information out of one system and into another.
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