Launch Forms make it easier to start new processes from your process templates. Use the Launch Form to capture information that's needed to start a new process. 

Note: Launch Forms replaces the date variable and text variable concepts from earlier versions of TeamworkIQ. If you used variables before, your variables are now automatically included in the Launch Form.

How do Launch Forms work?

Watch this 1 minute video and read the FAQ's below.

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Launch Form FAQs

  • If my existing processes rely on text or date variables what do I need to do?
    You do not need to do anything. You'll find your previous variable concepts are part of the new Launch Form already.

  • Does every process have to have a Launch Form?
    No. Add and use a Launch Form only when you want to capture information BEFORE a process starts and use that information to set key dates or other values in the process as it gets started.

  • Create Relative Due Dates that key off of the value of a date from a Launch Form or other form in the process.

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