If you're reading this article, let us first say that we're sorry to see you go and we'd greatly appreciate a bit of feedback as to why you want to delete your TeamworkIQ account.

However, we also want to make this process quick and easy for you as well. That's why we've put you in direct control of the ability to delete your account.

Here's how:

  1. You must be the Account Owner. This is usually the person who created the account. Sometimes it's a person to whom account ownership was transferred. Only the Account Owner may delete an account.

  2. Sign-in to https://app.teamworkiq.com. Forgot your password? No worries. Click Forgot password on the Sign In page. It takes just a minute or two to get a new one and then sign in.

  3. Click Manage Account. You'll find Manage Account towards the bottom of the Main Menu. If you do not see Manage Account, then you are not the Account Owner. 

  4. Click the ... menu on the right of the top toolbar of the Manage Account screen.

  5. Select Delete Account from the menu and complete the deletion request form.

What happens next?

So that we can comply with various regulations and avoid the possibility that you went through the effort to delete an account by mistake, deletion is not instantaneous. There is a window of time during which you can contact [email protected] and request that it gets reactivated. Otherwise, in keeping with our Terms of Service, after any required holding period we will purge all data from your TeamworkIQ account.

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