You can further streamline your business processes, workflows, and checklists by integrating TeamworkIQ with other apps. For example: Trigger a new workflow every time a new lead gets added to your CRM, or, start a new process when an email arrives in your support email inbox. There are thousands of things you can do.

If you want to integrate TeamworkIQ with other apps using Zapier's visual tools, or get it done by writing code, you'll need to get an API Key. 

When using Zapier you'll also need to know your Account Number. See the last section of this article for how to find you Account Number.


You need three things before you can begin integrating TeamworkIQ with other apps.

  • Your TeamworkIQ plan must be either Business Pro or an Enterprise plan.
    If you are on a Team Essentials plan, upgrade your plan to access these features.

  • You must have Admin role privileges for the account.
    If you do not have Admin privileges, ask a current Account Admin to grant you those privileges.

  • You need to get a Secure API Key
    As soon as the first to prerequisites above are in place, you'll have full access to the Integration Center in your TeamworkIQ account where you can set up App Integrations and get API Keys.

Steps to Get an API Key

  1. Sign-in to app.teamworkiq.com.
    If prompted, select the Account you want to access.

  2. Click Main Menu > Integration Center
    Integration Center is located in the Admin Tools section at the bottom of the Main Menu

  3. Click Register New App

  4. Enter a unique name for the App, then click Register
    For example: "Salesforce Integration" if you plan to integrate with the CRM systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, Dynamics, or others.

  5. Click Generate Key
    /!\ Important:
    Copy the Secret API Key and store it in a secure, encrypted place and protect it like you would any password. See Securing your API Key.

  • /!\ Important: Once you close the dialog that lets you copy the Key, you will not be able to view or copy it again. Your only option will be to revoke the old key and generate a new one. Thus, any app integrations which relied on the old API key will stop working until they start using the new API key.

Tip: Use Multiple API Keys and Request More If Needed.It's generally a good idea to use different API Keys for each app with which you plan to integrate. This gives you finer grain control over who or what can access which apps. 

Every Account start with a 20 API Key limit. However, if you need more, ask support@fairwaymc.com for more. Only Admins are authorized to request more API Keys.

Remember to Secure your API Key!

 Secure your API Key as described here.

How to Find Your Account Number

Sometimes when you use your API Key you will also need to provide your Account Number. For example: When creating an authorized connection between TeamworkIQ and Zapier.

Your Account Number can be found just above the API Key for an App in the Integration Center.

You'll also see your Account Number in the URLs of different views in the TeamworkIQ app at https://app.teamworkiq.com. For example:

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