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What is Zapier?

Zapier enables over 2,000 apps to communicate and exchange events and data with each other. Use Zapier to create "Zaps" that automatically start new processes, workflows and checklists in TeamworkIQ from events and data in your CRM, marketing automation, customer service, accounting, project management, or any other software that also supports Zapier.

If you'd like a video explainer and demo covering TeamworkIQ, Zapier and the TeamworkIQ Workflow Processes App for Zapier, watch the video below. Otherwise, skip the video and get started creating your first TeamworkIQ Zap.

Get Started - Create your first TeamworkIQ Zap 

In this tutorial we will help you build a simple Zap for a recurring, weekly process.

Imagine you ran a retail store, and needed your team to complete a "Weekly Closing Checklist" every Friday. 

When we are done, our Zap will consist of 2 parts: A "Trigger" and an "Action". 

Every Zap includes 1 Trigger, but may include multiple Actions. Actions can be organized into sequences or into more complex flows with conditional logic to control which flows get executed and which do not.

But to get started, we'll keep it simple: 1 Trigger and 1 Action.

The Trigger "Every Week" will come from an app called "Schedule by Zapier". This app lets you schedule recurring process triggers on Monthly, Weekly, Daily, or Hourly cycles.

The Action "Launch Process from Template" will come from the TeamworkIQ Workflow Processes App which we will set up to start a new process from a "Weekly Closing Checklist" template in TeamworkIQ.

Ok. Let's get started. :)

Step 1:  Sign-in to your TeamworkIQ account

  • Sign-in to or create a new TeamworkIQ account.

    Check 3 things before you begin:

    1. You are an Owner of Admin of your TeamworkIQ account.
    How to tell? Go to Main Menu > Manage Team and verify you have an Owner or Admin badge next to your name. If you do not, ask an Account Admin to give you Admin level access to the account.

    2. Your subscription or trial is for a Business Pro plan.
    How to tell? Go to Main Menu > Integration Center. If you do not see an Upgrade button towards the top center of this page, then you have what you need to proceed.

    If you do see Upgrade, then you'll need to either upgrade your account or use the blue chat icon in the lower right of this page to request a free trial of this feature. Business Pro plans include all of our integration features including the Zapier integration.

    3. You can create Templates or have access to other's Templates
    How to tell? Either (a) Go to Main Menu > New... and if the top item is Process Template, then you're good. Or, (b) Go to Main Menu > Template Library and if there are templates listed under either tab in that view, then you are all set!


Step 2:  Get the TeamworkIQ App for Zapier

  • If you are not already signed in to Zapier, either sign-in to Zapier or sign up for a new, free Zapier account.

If you cannot find the TeamworkIQ Workflow Processes App in the public app directory on, you can directly add it to your Zapier account here, or contact

Why does the TeamworkIQ Workflow Processes App not appear in the public app listings in Zapier? The TeamworkIQ integration for Zapier is new and not yet listed in Zapier's public app directory. We expect the TeamworkIQ App for Zapier to be publicly available soon.

Step 3: Make a new Zap

  • Click Make a Zap!

    It is important to do this step immediately after adding the TeamworkIQ App for Zapier. If you do not, you will need to go back to Step 1 and get the TeamworkIQ App for Zapier again.

Step 4: Add a Trigger for "When this happens..."

  • Click in the Search box under Choose App & Event 

  • In Choose App, search for and select "Schedule by Zapier"

  • In Choose Trigger Event, select "Every Week"

Schedule by Zapier is an automated repeating timer app. Every time the timer goes off, the next step in the Zap gets triggered. Zapier also supports Google Calendar and other scheduling apps. But for now, we'll keep it simple and use Schedule by Zapier.

  • Click Continue

  • Under Customize Day...
    -  Set Day of the Week to Friday
    -  Set Time of Day to 8:00 AM
    -  Set your Timezone Settings if needed under Time of Day

  • Click Continue

  • Under Find Data...
    - Click TEST & REVIEW
    - Select Day A, or click Get More Samples and select a different sample.
    - Click on the selected sample to see its data

This data is a sample of the information the Every Week trigger for Schedule by Zapier provides to the next step of the Zap.

  • Click Done Editing


Step 5: Add an Action for "Do this..."

Next we will add an "Action" step in the Zap where TeamworkIQ will Launch a New Process from a Template using the data provided from the previous step.

  • Click on "Do this..." to expand the Action panel

  • Search for "TeamworkIQ"

    IMPORTANT: If you do not see TeamworkIQ in the search results, you need to request an invitation to it. Send an email to from the email address you use to sign in to to request access to the TeamworkIQ Integration for Zapier.

  • Click the TeamworkIQ icon shown in the search results.

  • From Choose Action Event, select "Launch Process from Template"

  • Click Continue

Next, you'll need Choose an Account or create a new connection to a TeamworkIQ Account

  • Click Sign in to TeamworkIQ

You'll be asked for the following information: API Key, Account Number, and Connection Label.


Step 6: Get your API Key and Account Number

IMPORTANT: For the this step you will need to either have Admin level privileges for the TeamworkIQ Account you wish to use, or you will need to get an API Key and the Account Number information from an Admin of your TeamworkIQ Account.

  • Find your API Key and Account Number
    -  Go to TeamworkIQ > Integration Center
    -  Select and existing App from the list or Create a New App
    -  Copy the Account Number
    -  Get the API Key

IMPORTANT: Where's my API Key? If there is not already an API Key for the selected App, go ahead and Generate a new API Key. If the App already has an API Key, you'll need to get the API Key from the secure place it was stored after it was originally generated.

Step 7: Allow Zapier to Access Your TeamworkIQ Account

  • Enter the API Key

  • Enter the Account Number

  • Add a Connection Label

We suggest setting the Connection Label for your new Zapier-TeamworkIQ connection your TeamworkIQ the "Account Name, App Name" associated with the API Key.

  • Click Yes, Continue

If the information entered is valid, you'll see the Account connected has been selected. Otherwise, you'll see an error message and will need to check that all the access credentials you entered are accurate and current.

  • Click Continue

Step 8: Which Template? Who is the Process Owner?

  • Which Template?

    Make sure you have access to at least one published Process Template in your TeamworkIQ account. If you do not, either:

    (a) Go ahead and create a new Process Template in TeamworkIQ and publish it. Ideally that Template will have at least one form field in its Launch Settings > Form

    -- or --

    (b) Import the template that we use in the next steps of this tutorial and publish it.

    IMPORTANT:  Make sure you publish the template you want to use. Only published templates show up in Zapier.

  • Process Owners?

    IMPORTANT:  Make sure the published Process Template you plan to use has at least one Process Owner. Process Owners administer running processes and handle unassigned tasks and any other issues that may arise. Processes launched from Zapier must already have one or more Process Owners already set.

    To add a Process Owner click the "gear icon" when editing your Template and select Process Owners.

IMPORTANT: Before you proceed, make sure you know which template you plan to use and that it has at least one Process Owner

Step 9: Customize Process

Return to building your Zap in Zapier. 

Next, we will customize the process by selecting the TeamworkIQ Process Template you want to use to launch a new processes.

  • Click the Published Template field, wait a moment, then select a Template from the list. 

We have selected "Weekly Closing Process" in the image below, but you can pick one of your own templates if you prefer.

As soon as you choose your Template from the list, the Template's Launch Form fields (if any) will appear below the Template Name. 

IMPORTANT: If you update your Template's Launch Form fields after this step, you may need to click "Refresh Fields" to update your Zap.

  • Enter a location into the Location field. Use "123 Main Street" for now.

Above you can see the Location field from the Launch Form for the Weekly Closing Process template we've used in this example. Below is what that template looks like in TeamworkIQ with the Location field in the Launch Settings' Form

Before we go on, a few Zapier tips and Zap ideas...

What if you want "123 Main Street" or another value to be entered automatically? In this Hello World example, the Schedule by Zapier timer does not provide any data other than the time the timer goes off. Therefore there's no "location" information from an earlier step in the Zap that we can map into this field. However, if an earlier step in this Zap, such as a Google Calendar event, a form submission, or other triggering event did provide a "location", then you could use the [+] icon on the right of this field to map that information into this field.

What if there are multiple locations for this process? If you needed to start this process for multiple locations you could set up a three step Zap where Schedule by Zapier starts the process each Friday, the next step gets a list of multiple locations from a Google Sheet, and then for each location, run the action Launch Process from a Template.

Ok. Let's get back to our example!

  • Click Continue

Step 10: Send Data, Test & Review

The final step of the Zap configuration lets you make sure everything is set up correctly for the Launch Process from Template action.

  • In Send Data, click TEST & REVIEW

If successful you will see the message below and the data returned by TeamworkIQ to Zapier.

That data includes the process_link. Copy and paste the process link into your browser to see the process that was just launched from your Template.

If you do not get a success message when testing, check the configurations, you should instead see an error message with a link to a trouble shooting document at Copy that link and go to it in your browser for tips on how to solve the issue.

If you do not see the In Progress Process at the process_link, it's probably because you are not a participant in that process. Only Task Assignees and Process Owners have access to the running process. Here's what the Weekly Closing Process that was started by testing the Zap step looks like:

  • Click Done Editing when you are ready to proceed

Step 11: Turn on the Zap

Your Zap is now working and has been manually tested, but it needs to be turned on so that it can run automatically.

  • Toggle the Off button to On in the top-right corner of the Zap

Step 12: Wait until Friday at 8:00 AM

You Zap is now On and working and set to run every Friday at 8:00 AM. Yay! The only thing left to do is to wait until the Schedule by Zapier timer goes off and triggers the action Launch Process from Template in TeamworkIQ.

TIP: Once a few processes have run, you can see them all in the Process Dashboard. Simply search for the name of your process, or click the View Process Dashboard link on your template or process to see them all.

For example, here's the Weekly Closing Process Dashboard for the recurring process we created in this tutorial.

Enjoy! Let us know if you have any questions about or suggestions for TeamworkIQ. We would love to hear from you.

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