Every TeamworkIQ resource (template, process, account, user, etc.) has a life cycle. For example, a process is initially a DRAFT; it is started and is then IN PROGRESS; it may be PAUSED for editing; and finally it is COMPLETED or STOPPED.

Most operations that you perform on a resource are only allowed when the resource is in an appropriate stage of its life cycle. For example, you can't edit a process that is already edited, and you can't stop a process that is already completed, or which has not yet been started.

The Forbidden in Status result code can occur in a wide variety of circumstances, but always means the same thing: that based on the status of the target resource, you are not allowed to perform the requested action.

The following are a FEW examples. The list is not complete.

  • Trying to complete or skip a completed task

  • Trying to reopen a task that is not complete

  • Trying to submit a task form after task is completed

  • Trying to submit a task note after task is completed

  • Trying to edit (pause) a process that is already paused

  • Trying to publish or rollback an IN PROGRESS, DRAFT, COMPLETED or STOPPED process

  • Trying to start a process that has been started

  • Trying to stop a DRAFT process.

  • Trying to complete a task in a stopped process

  • ...

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