What went wrong?

A process could not be automatically started because one or more Process Roles would have been assigned to an "App Robot" rather than a real person.

How to fix the problem?

Go to the Template > Process Settings > Roles and Assignees and check both of the following:

  1. Make sure that the Process Owners role for the Process Template has one or more people listed as a Process Owner. If not, edit the Template and add at least one.

  2. Make sure that Assign Launcher to... is set to "none". If not, edit the Template and reset the value to "none" by clicking the (x) next to the selected value.

Remember to publish your Template after editing so that you changes can be used the next time the process needs to be automatically started.

Why did this happen?

When a process is started, TeamworkIQ must be able to assign people to any Process Role that expects a person to be assigned. 

When using a client app, program or code with the API or when using Zapier, none of those are a person. Instead those are represented as a "robot" actor when interacting with the API, not as a "person".

Thus, the Process Launcher cannot be assigned to a Process Role if the Launcher is a robot.

Similarly, if the template does not include one or more assigned to the Process Owners role, then if template is launched by a "robot" using the API, the launch process request fails since no person can become a Process Owner. Every Process must have at least one Process Owner who can administer the Process.

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