The TeamworkIQ REST API enforces some limits. Most of, these limits are "soft limits"; if you contact us and ask for an increase, we may be able to raise them for your account.

Concurrent API Keys per account

You may have a limited number of concurrently active API keys per account. 

Default Limit: 20 API Keys

Enforced per: Account

Limit Type: soft (may be increased on request)

There is no limit on the number of inactive Apps or the number of revoked API Keys.

API requests per second ("request throttling rate")

TeamworkIQ uses a "token bucket" algorithm to fairly manage API throughput. This prevents a rogue application from overwhelming the system and preventing others from using it successfully.

The Token Bucket algorithm has two parameters:

  • Rate: the rate at which tokens are added to the token bucket

  • Burst: the capacity of the token bucket

Tokens are automatically added to the bucket at Rate until the bucket is full. Each API request consumes a token. The impact of this is that the maximum steady-state rate is Rate. It is possible to burst up to Burst for a short period of time. However, a burst will drain most or all of the tokens from the bucket; another burst cannot occur until tokens accumulate in the bucket.

Default Limit: 

  • 50 requests/second in steady state

  • Bursts up to 100 requests/second

Enforced per: API Key

Limit Type: soft (may be increased on request)

API requests per month ("request quota")

TeamworkIQ enforces a monthly quota on API requests. The monthly quota assumes that requests start on the first day, and is prorated if requests start part-way through the month.

Default Limit: 30,000/month (prorated)

Enforced per: API Key

Limit Type: soft (may be increased on request)

Notice that each API Key has a separate quota. If you have multiple clients – each with its own API Key – then each client has its own quota. If one of the clients exceeds its quota, this will not affect the other clients. 

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