TeamworkIQ Support can help with API issues, but we will need information to help us to help you.

Step 1: Gather all the details for the issue

So that we can best help you on the shortest timeline and minimize the need to ask for further info, please gather all this information when reporting an issue:

  1. A description of the problem that is sufficient for us to understand what you are doing and what is happening.

  2. A complete record of all the HTTP/S requests and responses that are occurring. Please include all of the URIs, JSON request bodies, etc. for each call. 

  3. The HTTP status codes and error codes that are returned by each call.

  4. DO NOT include full API Keys unless our Support team specifically requests such information be securely shared with us for Support purposes only.

  5. Replicate the API issue using only cURL, PostMan or other stand-alone tools (preferably cURL). We won't be able to replicate a problem that only occurs in your own code, and we do not have the domain expertise to troubleshoot all of your code, and when you use the third-party tools to replicate the problem, you may in fact discover that your code is doing something incorrectly. 

Step 2: Submit your request for support

  • Make sure you are signed into TeamworkIQ, then use the chat icon on this page to send us the info. You can attach images and files to your chat messages.

  • If you cannot use the chat system to send us the information, then send email to [email protected] Be sure to send your email from the email address you use to sign-in to TeamworkIQ.

Authentication Issues?

If your issue relates to API authentication failure, please verify that your API Key is working properly. To do this, invoke the /api/v3/info/{account_no}/access endpoint with your API Key. This endpoint should return HTTP status 200 if your API Key is valid, and 401 if it is not.

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