How to see everyone who is a participant in a process.

  1. Go to the process or template

  2. Click the settings icon -- the gear image in the top toolbar

  3. Choose Roles and Assignees

The Roles and Assignees panel shows you everyone who is a participant in the process.

Need to contact a person in the list? Click the ... menu for the Role, then click the ... menu for the Team Member and select Contact.

If you are a Process Owner, you can also use the ... menus to add, remove, or update the assignees.

If you are assigned to the Role, you can also choose to ACCEPT ROLE. And if you have already accepted the Role you can choose REFUSE ROLE.

If you accept a Role, then the tasks for that Role for that process will be shown an actionable by you. Others in the list can still see the process, but only you will see task counts and get reminders and alerts for those tasks.

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