Data in form fields is submitted in two stages:

  1. submitted (draft)

  2. shared (published)

Draft submission

When a TeamworkIQ form is submitted, the submitted field values are initially stored as a draft submission. A draft submission is visible to the assignees of the task's role, but not to any other user. In addition, a draft submissions does not update {variables} in task text, relative due dates, etc.

A draft submission allows a task assignee to submit half-finished data while performing the task. Other users won't see the half-finished data, and that data will not cause process variables to be set to invalid values.

When the assignee is actually sure that the data is correct, she completes the task.

Published submission

When a submission is published, the submitted field values are

  • The submitted field values become visible to other process participants.

  • Any process variables that depend upon these field values are updated.

The figure below depicts the life cycle as a Finite State Machine and shows how the field data is shared when it is published.

Publishing a draft submission

To make the draft values visible to other participants and to update variable values within the process, it is necessary to publish the submitted data.

Task Form

Data submitted via a Task Form is published when the task is completed. The form data remains in a published state even if the task is later reopened.

Launch Form

Data submitted via a Launch Form is automatically published when the UPDATE button is clicked in the TeamworkIQ web application.

Obviously, it would be pointless to update Launch Form data if it were only published when the process completed.

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