The owners of a process are responsible for managing the process. This may require the process owners to answer participants' questions, reassign roles if users are unable to participate, update due dates, and possibly pause, stop or edit the process if problems occur. Being an owner of a process is both a privilege and a responsibility.

When a process is launched from a template, TeamworkIQ automatically assigns process owners as follows:

  1. The template's list of Process Owners become owners of the process.

  2. If the template specifies Assign Launcher to Role and specifies the Process Owner role, then the user who launches the process becomes a Process Owner.

Only human users can be process owners

Only human users can become Process Owners. API programs can never become Process Owners. This is because owners need to make judgment calls and are responsible for dealing with any unexpected problems that might occur in the process.

When a process is launched, there MUST be at least one human Process Owner who is an active member of your account. Otherwise, the process will fail to launch.

If the Assign Launcher to Role specifies the Process Owner role, then the process can ONLY be launched by human users and NOT by API programs, because API programs are not permitted to become Process Owners. Attempting to launch this template with an API program will fail.

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