This document is intended for developers who are using the TeamworkIQ API. It is about the life cycle of a TeamworkIQ User.

User Statuses

A user's status may be one of the following:





When a user has been invited to join TeamworkIQ, but has not yet accepted the invitation, the user's status is REGISTERED. The invitation may have expired.

After the user accepts the invitation, the user's status changes to ACTIVE.

When a user is terminated, the status of that user changes to DEACTIVATED.

You will probably never encounter the LOCKED status; the TeamworkIQ Operations team may lock a user whose behavior seems suspicious.

User statuses vs. account membership

The user's status does not describe the user's relationship with an account. Rather, it describes the user's relation with TeamworkIQ itself.

A single ACTIVE user may be a member of several different accounts, and may be invited to several more accounts. Thus, even if the user's status is ACTIVE, the user might not yet have accepted an invitation to join your account. To determine the user's relationship with your account, examine the user's account roles.

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