A workflow or process is the sequence of steps through which a desired outcome is achieved.

To simplify Workflow Automation, TeamworkIQ models processes as simple collaborative checklists composed of tasks. Complicated or multi- step tasks may be subdivided into smaller sub-tasks. Tasks that are composed of sub-tasks are referred to as list tasks. Tasks that have no sub-tasks are basic tasks. Numbered Lists specify that tasks should be completed in sequence. Bullet lists specify that tasks may be completed in any order, and may be completed in parallel. TeamworkIQ also supports reopening tasks, repeating sequences, decision points and other flow-of-control concepts.

To automate a process, simply document the process steps as an outline. Add process roles, assignments, instructions, forms, due dates, and other process elements as needed.

Use the TeamworkIQ UI to outline the process workflows you need. Simply type up who needs to do what, when.

Developers may also want to use the TeamworkIQ API to dynamically generate process models and start new workflows from them.

Example 1: Basic Workflow Outline

Example 2: Workflow with Roles, Assignees, Instruction Details, and Forms added

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