How to Enforce the Order of Tasks

When authoring a Process or a Template, use the "List" menu in the editor's toolbar to make a list of tasks "Step-by-step". Step-by-step tasks are represented as numbered lists. For example:

  1. Do this

  2. Do this after the first task

  3. Do this after the second task

Strict Order -vs- Flexible Order

For each process Process Template or Process, you have a choice to allow or disallow tasks in a Step-by-Step List to be completed early or not.

When editing a Process Template or Process, you can set which method to use in Process Settings > Enforce Task Order

To require strict enforcement of the task order and disallow tasks to be completed early, choose "Never allow..."

Otherwise, choose "Warn users..." (the default behavior) so that any assignee who tries to complete a task early gets a warning, but is allowed to complete the task if thy choose to proceed.

A Note for Developers using the TeamworkIQ API

If you are using the TeamworkIQ API to dynamically generate Process Models (JSON), set the root task's "is_strict" property to true to require all the numbered task lists to have strict enforcement of order, unless a subtask list specifies otherwise. "is_strict" is inherited from ancestor tasks in the model. You may also set is_strict for individual numbered lists to true or false as needed.

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