At a moment in time, the status of a process is one of four values:



  • PAUSED for editing

  • DONE (in which case the process result is either COMPLETED or STOPPED)

A process owner MAY delete a process whose status is either DRAFT or DONE.

A process owner CANNOT delete a process whose status is either IN_PROGRESS or PAUSED.

That is, if you want to delete a process that has been started, you MUST first EITHER:

  • stop the process OR

  • complete the process.


If the process owner tries to delete a process whose status is IN_PROGRESS or PAUSED, the result will be a HTTP 403 error with detailed error code of 1403010.


This feature is meant to give a running process a kind of "delete protection", to prevent a process that represents an important ongoing business activity from being accidentally deleted.

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