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What are Actionable Messages?

Use actionable messages to get people's attention and let them know the message is important to read, a question needs an answer or an issue needs to be resolved. Messages can also be used to add notes or comments on a task. However when you want to make it actionable, @mention people in the message or flag the message. When you do the message becomes "actionable" and shows up as a prioritized action item similar to an actionable task for the @mentioned people or the task assignee.

In the image above, the first process in the list has 2 actionable messages and 1 actionable task. The "My assignments" count in the main menu is the sum of actionable messages and actionable tasks.

How To @Mention People and Flag Messages

@Mention People in a Message

When typing or editing a message press the @ key, then select the Process Participant you want to @mention.

You may mention more than one person, but you must @mention and select them one at a time.

Flag a Message

You may flag any message that you posted. Other people may not flag your messages. But they may post another flagged message referencing yours.

To flag a message either,

  1. Click the yellow warning flag icon before sending your message
    - or -

  2. Client the ... menu for the message and select Flag

When you flag a message the Message Stream for the task shows a yellow warning triangle flag.

Clear a Flag from a Message

Anyone can clear a flag from a message.

To clear a flag from a message

  1. Click Clear Flag

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