TeamworkIQ's Message Streams feature provides important security benefits. Because only participants are able to send and receive messages on a workflow's channel, there is no risk of forged / phishing messages. There is also no risk that a user will accidentally send an attachment to someone who is not authorized to participate in the workflow. There is no risk that a user who has been removed from a workflow will be able to access chat content (including shared files) the next day or week or month. Conversely, when a new participant is added to the workflow, she gains access to the workflow's existing chat content; this would not be the case if email were used instead. All chat messages are encrypted end to end (unlike email) and are stored in encrypted form on disk. And a workflow's owners can see all of the messages that were transmitted during the workflow, providing a useful audit trail that places the workflow's unstructured work in the context of the process structure.


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